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    Air cooled chiller

    Industrial air cooled has the following features:
    1, Selects the import high quality fan fan, and scientifically selection, selection and using computer software, so the fan with high efficiency, low noise, reliable performance and can ensure that the air volume and pressure head, fan bearing USES lithium grease, conventional long running need not add lubricating oil;
    2, Uses the air-cooled condenser, set of aluminum fin heat exchanger using copper pipe, copper tube for equilateral cross row layout, aluminum fin for hyperbolic corrugated shape, through second tube hole flanging, through mechanical pipe, copper tube and fin is close contact, therefore has the heat transfer effect is good, air resistance is small, the advantages of easy to clean.With high quality cooling fan, air volume, low noise, outstanding effect.Easy to use and air-cooled condenser, does not need to be configuration and cooling towers;
    3, Air-cooled industrial cooling fan structure using combined sheet metal structure, convenient maintenance and internal clean up, according to the cooling fan of the wind direction, blunt ventilation holes on the sheet metal scientifically, have the function of the heat dissipation and beautiful machine;
    4, Air-cooled industrial cooling fan with scientific design, fully consider technical parameter optimization combination, the indicators of advanced and reasonable.Can design according to the requirement of the user modification at the same time, provide different performance index of the product.
    Adopt international famous brand of raw materials and elaborate the international leading refrigeration process, realize the perfect combination of technology and art, intelligent operation, higher precision, lower power consumption, to meet different requirements