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    Flake ice evaporator

    Evaporator: flake ice machine evaporator design, blow inside the ice, evaporator, in internal whirling ice ice skates.This design reduces the wear and tear, sealing strong, effectively prevent the leakage of refrigerant.
    Adopt high quality 304 stainless steel material and automatic argon fluoride welding technology, improve its strength and precision.
    Ice skates: spiral hob, small resistance, low consumption, no noise, scraping ice evenly.
    Refrigeration units: compressor, condenser, gas-liquid separator, oil separator, liquid storage tank, expansion valve, high efficiency and energy saving of refrigeration system in the industry has many patent technology.
    Microcomputer intelligent control: ice making system by microcomputer automatic control., inversion, ice, ice water shortage of fault data, high pressure and low pressure feedback to the PLC computer program, and then by the microcomputer automatic processing after the show to the electronic touch screen, man-machine integration design concept, make control, maintenance, go with your heart.