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Water chiller machine points cooling water machine for commercial and industrial cold water machine two broad categories, each category and points inside the air-filled chamber units and water chilling unit.

Due to large chillers refrigerating capacity, reliable operation, energy, the advantages of convenient adjustment, in addition to used in large and medium-sized air-conditioning refrigeration system, is widely used in chemical industry, printing ink, printing, medical equipment, food, refrigeration, boiler roller interlining, electronic circuit board industry, or wave soldering reflow soldering, space of purification processing, injection molding, cooling, medical store, paper and other industries.

Following are some industries use cold water machine the effect resulted from:
1, the injection molding industry: mainly used in plastic processing machinery molding mold cooling, can greatly improve the plastic products surface finish, reduce plastic products surface grain mark and internal stress, don't make products to shrink, deformation, is advantageous for the plastic mold release, accelerate product, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the production of plastic molding machine.
2, precision instruments industry: applied in CNC machine tools, coordinate boring machine, grinding machine, machining centers and combination machine tools and all kinds of precision machine tool spindle lubrication and hydraulic system transmission medium cooling, industrial cold water machine can precisely control the oil temperature, effectively reduce the thermal deformation of machine tools, improve the machining precision of machine tools.
3, blow molding, blister industry: the consumption of plastic containers and packaging film, more cannot leave the cold water machine.Plastic containers in the consumption process, such as not timely cooling finalize the design, production out of the container will not full uneven wall thickness, colour and lustre is not bright, can't even shape caused by the product quality is low.If not in the production of packaging film, the chilled water cooling molding cannot produce qualified products.Such as application of cold water machine provide chilled water for cooling, not only can greatly improve the quality of products, but also can improve the efficiency of production.
4, electroplating industry, plating solution can produce part quantity of heat, as the production of unstable temperature will make the metal, nonmetal unstable molecules, and the use of cold water machine, by directly or indirectly to cooling of plating solution, causing the temperature is constant in a steady state, the metal molecules with stable current quick stick attached on the surface of the plating, increasing the density of the plated parts and surface smooth smooth, improve the quality of the plating product, shorten the production cycle, it is the excellent auxiliary equipment surface treatment technology.
5, vacuum coating used in anodic oxidation, zinc, tin plating, oxidation, acid copper plating, plating hard chromium and other related industries.Control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine or electroplating, increasing the density of the plated parts and smooth, shorten electroplating cycle, improve production efficiency, improve the quality of the product.
6, the food industry: generally after molding products with a certain temperature, in order to meet the packaging requirements, must be to fast cooling of food, refrigerator, by means of indirect cooling away redundant quantity of heat, the food cool quickly, and make it meet the process requirements, reduce the production cycle, improve production efficiency.
7, the chemical industry: mainly used in chemical reaction kettle cooling cooling heat exchanger (chemical), timely take ordinary attack due to chemical reaction heat thus arrived at the cooling (cooling), in order to improve the quality of products.  
8, the pharmaceutical industry: or biological products need low temperature and humidity environment in the process of production and storage.Low temperature chiller cold with ethylene glycol as carrier agent and provide 5 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ refrigerating fluid, provide necessary for low temperature and humidity cold source.When needed during the winter still refrigeration units can be equipped with a special control system, the unit can be in 15 ℃ low temperature conditions remain refrigeration operation.