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Flake ice machine

Flake ice, it is a kind of irregular flake ice.Borneol sizes, the biggest synthetic borneol is about 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm, thickness of 1.5 mm - 2.5 mm.Pieces of ice because of the dry, easy to contact by the characteristics of the cooling material is widely used in hotels, supermarkets, chemical industry, construction and deep-sea fishing, etc.

The freezing principle of flake ice machine is simple, the city directly with tap water (can also be equipped with water filter) access unit cold water tank, cold water tank inside the water pump to the top of the evaporator water disc, by several nozzle baffle plate edge will be on the inner wall of water on the evaporator.Evaporator wall on the other side is the refrigerant flow, refrigerant through the compressor compressed between the flow in the evaporator and the compressor cycle, in the process of circulation away evaporator inside the quantity of heat of water and ice, the ice skates and the effect of extrusion, the lining of ice fell from the falling ice mouth of the evaporator.This process is continuous, under normal circumstances, the boot fell 30 seconds can see borneol, 2 minutes after shutdown unit stop off the ice.

Flake ice machine is divided into: small flake ice machine, medium flake ice machine, large pieces of ice machine, seawater flake ice machine and container flake ice machine five categories;Each category model, we can according to customer requirements of different configuration or not configured water library, among them, the small and medium-sized water cold source is not available, the library of large water repository configuration has a special cold source, provide a better environment for piece of ice storage